Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Port… check!

I've had a rough few days but today woke up feeling a bit better. I had my port placed yesterday and that seemed to have gone well. Dr. Berger (my surgical oncologist) tried to get another tissue sample from a lymph that we thought felt swollen but was unsuccessful (the needle biopsy didn't work either). So, we are just going to treat it as a hers2 positive cancer and see how it responds. An option may be to get a liver biopsy in the future but for now I'll start chemo tomorrow. Not sure of my schedule yet, Dr. Fellin (Oncologist) will discuss that with me when I see him, (probably every 3 weeks).

I'm starting to have spine and bone pain so this is making things more difficult to be my usually get-up-and-go self… with the Breast Cancer I did not "feel" it so was on the go most of the time. However, I have resorted to taking Percocets around the clock, which work on the pain but have other side effects to deal with (sleepiness, constipation, fuzzy feeling)…. taking it one day a time works!

I'm so humbled by the outpouring of support, prayers, and friendship. I know how much you all want to help, for now we just ask for you to keep us in your prayers! I will definitely speak up if we should need help with anything else!

Love you all,