Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Taking one day.....

Good Lord.... Taking one day at a time ...and so should you!

So I guess I better clear up just what is going on, yes I could be in a better place, actually, but I'm fortunate and in fact I'm just at the beginning of my her2 treatment options ...  Radiation, her2 specific chemo, more radiation if I need it etc... Although her2 is aggressive and fast it actually is a benefit to me, we can kill it quickly... Do I have years- no... Do you have years- I hope so but I guess that's up to a higher power anyway... Kinda what I was saying when I needed my mindfulness mojo back.... It's only been 3 weeks for me to grasp my new reality and I desperately need to center myself and live in the moment again, easier said then done- try it.. It takes a conscious effort and often you have to block out the other "noise". I don't want to seem ungrateful for all the heart touching well wishes- I've heard from friends near and far and my heart swells with the knowledge that I've touched so many lives.... But I thought this might be the perfect opportunity to share what makes me smile with joy... I simply just need you to say "I love you Kellie, you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers and have Faith in what is to be, whatever that is to be, in the meantime we will soldier on together!"

I'm trying to get a semi normal routine back- it's how I cope, and I don't do laying around real well, it will be slow at first but I hope to soon be up and about more! So send me your mojo- I may not text back but I assure you I get every well wish...mojo is just the thirst to live, a funny text, a kind word, a pic of Jamie Frasier (ok Damon too) a good recipe (I'm starving all the time from steroids), a life quote... Or Just love...💜

Some updates:
Radiation is done for now- rescan11/24 to see if I need more, I'm grateful for the break cause I'm fried (literally on my forehead) and lost what little hair I had - but was assured it would grow back by Xmas I'll 
Continue with IV hercepton, Zometa and start po (pill) form of perjeta which crosses the blood/ brain barrier (no need for inthathecal chemo now)

Results of Pet and MRI spine: good news! My scans showed improvement from Feb, my spine and bones with no active disease, lungs better, watching liver but nothing really new (except brain).  We'll just cont with antibioties. . rescan brain in 6 weeks, and take one day at a time. I still have my headaches but most likely that's due to brain swelling from radiation... So that should improve with healing.

We are about to get a puppy- yes u read right... A French Bulldog... I have a good excuse, The tumors effected my reasoning... ;) But we Can't wait, he'll be here mid-Nov and I can't wait! I need this....

I love each and everyone of you, am so grateful for the support we have and wish for you to continue to live in the moment with joy at this unexpected gift we all were given... Lots of love, Kellie