Friday, August 22, 2014

I don't have a toothache!

I had another dose of Hercepton, Perjeta, and Zometa Wednesday. My check-up with Dr. Fellin was unremarkable, all is well, lung stable, and even better so is my weight (despite splurging while down the shore). I’ve been introspective lately and reexamined my resolve to take life one day at a time. Yesterday, a pillar of my online cancer support warrior group passed away after walking with inflammatory breast cancer for almost 2 years. She was full of life, always had a snarky remark, lifted our spirits with humor and compassion. She is at peace now, and left behind many who loved her. I hesitate to use the words fought cancer or lost the battle, as cancer is not a fight or battle and no one wins or loses. There is no rhyme or reason why some of us are “cured” after minimal treatments and others keep on progressing and will always walk with cancer. I do know that cancer changes your life either way, you have to be mindful and appreciate each day. Life and health are a gift many of us take for granted. My therapist gave me an easy way to remember this, ask yourself if you have a toothache. I bet you don’t right now. But if you ever did, remember how horrible it was, it was all you could think about, each day was misery. So when I wake up in the morning, I don’t think about my Stage IV terminal cancer… I think hooray I do not have a toothache today, my body does not ache, I can breathe easy, no headaches, actually I feel terrific! Others are not so fortunate. This brings me to the ALS ice bucket challenge. At first I was appalled. How could people, not touched by the disease, throw a bucket of ice over their heads AND to make it worse post it on Facebook? How insensitive… and what about a cure for breast cancer, or all cancers, but what I soon realized is how brilliant it was. EVERYONE knows about the pink ribbon, survivor walks, save the tatas…. But how many people knew or donated to ALS research, hardly anyone. ALS is a horrific disease that deserves a cure just as much as breast cancer. (One note when donating to breast cancer charities- look for those that fund research NOT awareness like The Breast Cancer Research Foundation at Lastly, next you see me I’ll probably be sporting a new, cooler hair do as I’m ready to rock the Sinead O’Connor look! Take care everyone, here’s hoping you don’t have a toothache! Love, Kellie